Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love from around the world

I have to run to a meeting and have more emails to send before I do, but I wanted to post these two email's I received from around the world! Our brother-in-law Alex is from Germany. He moved here when Aaron's sister, Sara, and him got married. Well not only have we fallen in love with Alex but also Alex's family. They are amazing people and radiate God's love. So when they found out about this little misshap here are the email's they sent. Remember, from Germany, Eniglish is great, but not their first language, I have litterally copied and pasted these emails...haven't changed a thing, and Ulla, Alex's mom is HALIRIOUS! Enjoy!

From Ulla:
Subject line: Rebirth-day

My Dear, what have you gone through. Unbelievable! Peter and I tried together to understand, what happened and I think, now we got it.Alex had given some words in German and we understand.

You live! That is the message. It was rebirth! Your "Rebirth-day" . Never heard something like this. We know that the Anti-baby-pill can cause some problems and we know that it can cause blood-clots, but I never heard from somebody , that it happened and you had 4 of this! Nevertheless dangerous.

Now I looked at google and they say, that especially the new pills can make this.Some women died already from bloodclots which were caused through the pills of the "third generation", that means the new ones. One is named Cilestand it is famous in US. But others are too dangerous - the new ones. My dear Shelby, you live. God had His protection over you. You will be healthy in some month and fat !!! Fat enough that Aaron can find enough for the injection, but then you need no more!! We will pray for you and your health.You must have been so terrified from that all. I hope that these clots will dissapear like snow in the sun. They will! Your lung will be fine once and have enough power for all you want to do. Shelby, look, it was a unbelievable frightening experience and it is not just on the end, but the Lord protected your life and He will give your health back. How mighty He is. We hope that you gain power again week by week. As you are a person who likes to be perfect, this may cause some changing in your life.

Reduced own plans - but this is good, believe me. The Lord has shorten our plans so often to HIS plans. His plans are sometimes just the opposite of what we wanted. But better be in His plans and protected and healthy, than in our plans and in deep trouble. He told me, when I was 42 to give my jobto HIM and stay at home and look for my family. (It was a very dangerous day too and frightened me to my last bone , believe this. ) It was not directly what I had thought of my life , but it was HIS idea and I follow in one minute and said :"Yes Lord, I will obey", please protect the children and us. And He gave grace - now there are Winnie and Sara, who came to our family and little Lena and Julia - that is more than every career or money can give.We pray for you - you can know this. We do anyway every day for the whole family, each day. But now especially for you an extra-good-blood-prayer.

I will look at the blog, what is going one. Eat, eat, my Dear, you need FAT!!! Big grin, I know, you hate fat! Me too, but the fat loves me! It comes "from alone". LOOKING on a big Mac or an icecream ist enough and the fat-molecules find me. :-D

Big hug for both of you Deine Ulla und Peter

From: Peter
Subject line: PRAISE the LORD for this MIRACLE

Dear, dearest Shelby,let us PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE our LORD ALMIGHTY for HIS GRACE - for your miraculous rescue! It is a real miracle!

Having just read your dramatic blog, having shared your fear, your pain, your shock we just want to embrace you, to tell you how much we love your (and your "Jamaican sprinter" !), how we feel with you and how much more we do believe in HIS grace. How much more we have been reassured that all our life is in HIS hands and that HE has a plan for all of us - and definitely for YOU!Dear Shelby, we have been praying for you and all yours ever since we have met you and we will continue to do so even more from now on. Doubling, tripling - nay! - multiplying our praises to our gracious Lord who has shown HIS love to you, to all yours, to us by saving your life - by bringing you back to life!What a MIRACLE!The more we read in the internet about what has happend to other young women suffering from the same side affects of BC pills the more we did and do understand what a real miracle it is. Why your doc and the nurse were so shocked, so astounded to see you alive after all you had gone thru...When I read your blog my first thought was how tactless, how brute they were, your doc and the nurse, to tell you bluntly that they could not belive that you were still alive! Slowly, slowly we understand that they were shocked themselves witnessing such a medical MIRACLE. Hopefully realising that you have been saved by our SAVIOUR Himself by praying to HIM for help!Dear Shelby, do NOT be afraid! You will come back to real life - you will have a wonderful family life, surely surrounded by kids, your own kids. Simply because the LORD ALMIGHTY has a plan - HE wants you to go and tell the people how you have been saved by HIM. To make others understand that ALL we have is from HIM - our body, our brain, our soul, our talents, our "genius", our gold medals, honors and decorations.Dear Sheby, we will be your torch-bearers here to tell, tell others who are in pain or fear, in panic or frustration, without hope or a silver lining at the horizon - we will tell them that there IS hope. And that is a gracious GOD who cares for HIS children, who takes their prayers seriously, who always will stretch out his mighty hand to rescue them if they fall.May your (and our) praises to our Lord outweigh - nay - OVERCOME, overwhelm your daily and nightly pains which will still harass yoru body (or even your mind) for some days or weeks to come!

Let us take you into our arms,l et us embrace you gently to make you understand how happy we are that our gracious LORD has saved you!WWJS ? Jesus would definitely say with His soft and gentle voice: "Shelby, my child, I love you!"And HE has proven it!PRAISE The LORD! Again and again! Love to you and Aaron and the best of best wishes we can think of: GOD BLESS YOU!

Peter + Ulla in Hamburg amazing are Peter and Ulla! I love them. They have given me such a good outlook on all of this.

Danke Peter und Ulla. Ich liebe dich! Danke für die Erinnerung an Gottes Gnade und Liebe.

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