Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?

I was thinking about this question since I started this challenge. I wasn't sure what about me, made me uniquely me? When I first started thinking, I was bringing up all of the flaws I see in my personality and body, but then I realized this project is not about flaws but about beauty. So I started over...started thinking how I was different then others around me. Then this morning, somewhere between visiting with the Starbs girl and almost getting run over my a semi truck on the bridge (a daily occurrence) it came to me!

What makes me uniquely me is my passion for sports. I am, and have been since a very young age, fascinated by how sports imitates life. I love how people can rise from the depths of their life through sports. I love how people come to Jesus and follow Jesus through sports. I love the unique feeling of being in a group of people, whether it be running with people or cheering for the same team that you get. I am girl to the core. I love to dress up, I wear makeup, I watch Grey's Anatomy, I read Self, I don't really like to get dirty and I LOVE to bake. So for people who are going to make a snap judgement about me, probably wouldn't guess that I wake up every Saturday morning at 7am in the fall to watch ESPN Gameday, or how the perfect birthday is watching the Cougs, or that I love to salt when I run. I like that my husband and I have this in common. Jesus has used sports in my life in more ways then one, and I thank Him so much for that.

Thank you Lord, for making me uniquely me. You have clearly designed me to be a part of your story and have loved me everyday, every hour and every minute. Thank you Jesus!

Running note....ran yesterday on the treadmill, only had to stop once because I felt like my legs were 5 inches long, and that my arms were disconnected from my body. Weird....very weird. I stopped took a couple big breaths and then was fine. Does this happen to anyone else? If it doesn't will you just lie and tell me it does so I don't feel WEIRD! :) Thanks! Running outside today...please rain go away!

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