Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 19. Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)

Today AA and I set out to run 7 miles. We both wanted flat and non windy. Well we got one of those. We went to Greenlake to run 2.5 laps of flat flatness. It was windy but sunny so we couldn't complain too much. We saw friends and co-workers and probably spent way too much energy dodging people and little ones. And when you are over 6' tall like AA and I are, little ones....aka kids....get lost in our vision. So to say we almost trampled a hand full of them would be an understatement. But we finished and are on our way to 13.1. Oh and PS...I didn't have to stop....WOOT WOOT!
Okay on to today's question....comfort food. And since I have been doing such a good job of writing letters I am going to write a letter to my comfort food. I hope you enjoy!

Dearest Ben & Jerry's Smores Ice Cream,

I love you. I mean I REALLY love you. If I could eat a carton of you every night I would. You are the yummiest, most assessable ice cream I have ever tasted. I love you Ben & Jerry's Smores ice cream, but my butt does not. No, she just doesn't like the jiggle or girth that you add. I dare her! And come to think of it my love handles aren't too fond of you either. They want to disappear but you are right there to make sure they don't. It just shows the love you have for them. And you know what I say Ben and Jerry's Smores Ice Cream....SCREW 'EM! Let my butt jiggle and let my love handle stand out, because you make me oh so happy. Thanks for looking out for my sanity instead of parts of my body. Where would I be without you? I am now going to induce myself with a ice cream comma.

Over and Out,

Your stalker.

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