Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 22. What are some needs that need to be met in your community?

Snow? Come on snow! Everywhere I look and listen it is snowing...except in freak-frackin' West Seattle! COME ON SNOW!!!!

Running update! Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles and felt great. Today it was either 3 miles or cross train. I really wasn't looking forward to 3 miles so I decided to do speed work....8 x 400. Ugh...this was going to be hard. But it was well worth it. I haven't felt like I have ran fast for almost a month and a half, so this was nice. I was extra sweaty at the end...I love to sweat. Let me clarify...I like to sweat when I am supposed to...NOT when I am on a date with my hunka-hunka burning love hubby, or in a meeting or any other time other then when I have gym clothes on.

One more thing....does anyone REALLY like the New Lady Gaga song? Okay she is weird...with a capital W, I do realize this. But her new song makes me want to do the running man the whole song. Have you seen a 6' tall woman do the running man? It's a sight.

Okay enough jibber jabber! On to the question!

What are some needs that need to be met in your community?

Hmmm....interesting question. I work at a nonprofit, I see needs that need to be met everyday. It makes me sad, it makes me happy when people overcome challenges and it makes me mad when someone doesn't have a champion to lean on.

But without a question the one need that needs to be met in people's hearts is the empty hole that can be filled by no one but Jesus. And what is so sad, is that that hole is constantly trying to be filled by jobs, men, beauty, friends, ect, ect ect. The list goes on a mile long. And the only thing that will always fit perfectly in that hole is having a relationship with God. Knowing in my heart that I suck and that Jesus came to this earth to die for my suckiness so that I could have a relationship with God and spend forever in Heaven with Him, has been the only thing that will fill my heart then, now and forever.

There are a lot of needs that need to be met, here and all around the world. But none of those needs have eternal implications.

What do you think?

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