Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 18. Describe your personality.

SUN!!! People...sun again! THANK YOU JESUS!

No running today, too busy running around with my fabulous husband. A little break here to read Cooking Light and write on here.

Describe my personality. Uhmmmm no? I really don't like doing these things. I am scared what you will think, when I am not sure what I think. I am only 25 and fully aware that I have a lot to learn from God in my future years about who I am. But here is what I do know about my personality:

-I am fun when I choose to be
-I am grateful even though I don't always show it
-I am WAY TOO emotional
-I am confident, but can have that all shattered in a matter of minutes, only to feel better then next.
-I don't like change
-There are times when I am flighty
-Full of faith
-I am loud
-Guarded and selfish
-Lazy yet ambitious

So as you can see I don't even know who I am. That's okay I have learned more about my personality today then I knew yesterday, and I am guessing that trend will continue as long as God intends it to.

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