Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 20. Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.

Today was a fabulous day! We slept in, kind of, went a drive, our new favorite thing to do when we have nothing to do, enjoyed a yummy breakfast and then deep cleaned our apartment. It is so nice that my amazing man offers to help clean. It makes it a little but more bearable!

I was cleaning the kitchen, like REALLY cleaning the kitchen, and I started to think about big kitchens. First let me explain. Have you seen my kitchen? I will bet you $1000 that your closet is bigger then my whole kitchen. AA and I cannot be in there at the same time. When I put away dishes my feet never have to move. So when I am in the "deep clean" mode I am always a little thankful that I have a small kitchen. It would take me all day if I had a big kitchen. There are pluses for sure of having a big kitchen. But today I will be thankful for my tiny kitchen.

Okay on to today's question!

I work for The First Tee of Greater Seattle. TFTGS is a non profit organization that teaches underprivileged kids life skills through the game of golf. We serve almost 1,100 kids on four different courses every year and more then 40,000 kids in almost 100 elementary schools!

I am the Program/Volunteer Coordinator. I am the lead for all volunteers, our National School Program, help run four different fundraising events every year, and coach. And that is only the top of the list! There are only four of us on full time staff so we all where a LOT of different hats. It always keeps us on our toes!

The things I love about my job:

1. The people I get to work with
2. The job we are doing in the greater Seattle area
3. How amazing my boss is
4. Flexible vacation
5. Can work from home
6. The little ones I coach
7. The connections I have made
8. I love planning events so fundraising events is right up my ally!
9. And much more!

What do you do??

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  1. I work as an event planner for a large company... what I love about my job? The perks, travel, good food, good drinks, meeting amazing people from all over the world. and my co-workers..

    What I don't like I have done the job for 6 years and I am out of goals... I am not challenged on a daily basis and do not feel like I am making a difference with my life. I am the sole breadwinner so I know that I have a beautiful purpose...BUT I wont sit aside and let my career run me. PRAY that I can find something that fits me.

    Hi buddy!!!